Thursday, August 12, 2010

WHY? live @ The New Parish

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The New Parish

Oakland, Ca

Source: Soundboard (mono) + Studio Projects C4's (omni's)

Recorded By: Zachariah Boes


Against Me

These Hands

Good Friday

January Twenty Something

These Few Presidents

Fatalist Palmistry

Rubber Traits


Gemini (Birthday Song)

A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under

Twenty Eight

Into the Shadows of My Embrace

Crushed Bones

By Torpedos Or Crohn's (not included)

crowd noise (not included)

Brook & Waxing

Simeon's Dilemma

This show was nuts! SOLD OUT, kinda local show at a tiny venue. Definitely a more crazy crowd than the Portland/Eugene shows the week before.

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