Monday, August 16, 2010

Akron/Family @ The New Parish

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The New Parish

Oakland, CA

Source: Studio Projects C4's > Fostex FR2-LE

Recorded By: Zachariah Boes

Meek Warrior


So It Goes



No Space in This Realm > Lake Song

New Ceremonial Music For Moms > Ed Is A Portal


Silly Bears

crowd noise

Everyone Is Guilty


Love and Space

This show kicked ass, small intimate venue located in the heart of oakland. Akron/Family always brings it live and this is a pretty smoking recording since i got there early to get clamped up in the sweet spot about 15 feat from the stacks. Great audience as well, not to chatty. Most of the shows in San Francisco I attend are normally filled with people that only seem to come there to drink and have loud conversations with their bf. Not at this show!!! Lots of dancing and singing along and bringing it to a dead silence! I simply cant wait to see these guys again!



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