Tuesday, August 10, 2010

As Tall As Lions @ BMU Auditorium

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As Tall As Lions


BMU Auditorium

Chico, Ca

Source: Soundboard + Studio Projects C4's

Recorded/Mixed By: Zachariah Boes

Song for Luna

A Soft Hum



Ghost of New York

Go Easy (See the Love)

A Break A Pause

that fell apart quick

We's Been Waitin'

Incase of Rapture

Improv > Stab City

These guys are always awesome live! This was kind of a weird show but they are always that way at the BMU! Sound is as good as it can be for being recorded in this place. i think it actually sounds better than my ears heard at the show. anyways hope people enjoy this one.


  1. sound quality really great, audience involvement pretty iffy at best.

  2. yeah the crowd at these chico state shows aren't the most polite of people