Monday, May 3, 2010

Zechs Marquise @ The Boardwalk

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Zechs Marquise


The Boardwalk

Orangevale, CA

Source A: Soundboard > Matrix Out > 1/4 > MT @ 24/48

Source B: Studio Projects C4's (cradioid) > Hi Ho Silvers > Fostex FR2LE @ 24/48

Editing: Vegas 7 (Sync, EQ and Waves L2) > Sound Forge 8 (Resample and Dither) > CD WAV (Tracking) > .wav > iTunes 9.1 > 320kbps .mp3

Recorded by: Zachariah Boes

01. Static Lovers

02. Death March

03. [untitled]

04. Getting Paid

thanks to Zechs Marquise for being so cool about taping, i wish more bands cool be more stoked to see a pair of mics flying at their shows. im pretty happy with how the mix turned out. let me know what you think!

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