Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Jail to the Boognish

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Les Schwab Amphitheater
Bend, OR

Source: Studio Projects C4's > Hi Ho Silver's > Fostex FR-2LE @ 24/48
Lineage CF > Soundforge 8 (Waves L2, Resmaple, Dither) > CD Wave > Flac16
Location: Left of board
Configuration: DIN 45'~ 7'
Taper: Zachariah Boes

01. The Grobe
02. Transdermal Celebration
03. Even If You Don't
04. Banana's And Blow
05. Your Party
06. Roses Are Free
07. Learnin' To Love
08. Mister Richard Smoker
09. Take Me Away
10. Object
11. Did You See Me
12. Beacon Light
13. Buckingham Green
14. Zoloft
15. Johnny On The Spot
16. the man in green
17. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
18. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
19. The Stallion (Part 5)
20. Touch My Tooter
21. Push The Lil' Daisy's
22. Awesome Sound
23. Baby Bitch
24. She Wanted To Leave
25. The Mollusk
26. Mutilated Lips
27. Reggaejunkiejew > Third Stone From The Sun
28. Crowd Noise
29. Spinal Meningitis
30. Stroker Ace
31. You Fucked Up

So this show has a little bit of craziness behind it (to say the least) and i was very fortunate to have even made it after all that happened on my way to Bend, OR to go see the all mighty Ween! Im not going to get into details but i was in fact arrested 8/27 while en rout to the show which was on the 28th! Without the help of my loving friends and them helping front me the $500 for bail i would not have made it to this show at the beautiful Les Schwab Amphitheater... So I made bail and was picked up a few LONG hours after being arrested by Officer Chambers (aka lying asshole) of Klamath Falls PD and was once again on my way to camp the night before the show as planned... That next day i woke up still kinda bummed out since i knew i had some legal issues to deal with down the road but i wan't going to let that ruin the fact that i was going to once again see my favorite band!

We got to our hotel room at the Best Western and started smoking bowls and getting ready for the show, i later touched base with Kobi (who works with the band recording live video and audio) to ensure i get my gear in alright i gave him all my stuff so i wouldn't have any problems with security (thanx kobi) and i returned to our room to eat some pizza and smoke some more good stuff! After eating and doing what we do we made out way to the venue, the weather was looking kinda grim and there was a good chance of rain (not good for recording) but after all the shittyness i was still optimistic! I met up with Kobi by the soundboard and we all started setting up our rigs looking at the sky hoping for the best, then came the rain! plastic bags covered our microphones and camcorders. This is about 20-30 mins before show time and it's not looking good but just a few minutes before Ween takes the stage it stops raining and the the clouds don't look as fierce, plastic bags are removed and the band takes the stage and proceeds to blow minds! Multiple rainbows made their presence in the horizon as the band played on... Gener looks out and goes "hey look it's a homo rainbow" fucking priceless and very surreal moment in my life and to think i was in a jail cell the night before also blew my mind!

This show will definitely be one of my most memorable ones and im glad i got to spend it with some of my closest friends!

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