Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Shit, It's A New Post!

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Bryan Free



Eugene, OR

Source: Soundboard + Room Mics

Recorded and Mixed By: Zachariah Boes

1. rally

2. giving up

3. goldmines

4. secret life

5. no enemies

6. inside out

7. stasis

Well what can I say about Bryan Free that hasn't been said before. Yes he might be the biggest asshole I've ever crossed paths with, yes word on the street is that beets kids up for their lunch money outside middle schools all over Portland, Or and he might disrespect woman. One thing i know for sure is he can sure play the fuck outa that there piano!

Well to be honest the only truth to that last statement is the last sentence, Bryan has to be one of the nicest "bro dudes" I've ever met! You can check out more of his music at the following links.

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